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16 Kasım 2010 Salı

Basquerole - Morning of Radiance

şifre/pass : kuvvedenfiile

01 Morning of Radiance
02 Daglara Gel
03 Manzanaillia
04 Mithras Melted
05 Pipa in the Haüs
06 Pelicans
07 Sherry
08 Winter Moon
09 Martinete
10 Segah Oud Takism
11 Koalas at Work
12 Radiance Before Dawn

Members : 

Eliot Bates -  oud, electric oud, vocals, suleng, bass, robab,
beats and atmospheres, korg mono/poly, whooshes, assorted percussion
Dan Fries -  flamenco guitar, les paul guitar, bass, sitar, sarod,
pipa, robab, throat singing, electronic treatments, palmas, bells,
assorted percussion, found objects

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