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10 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

Nick Castro & The Young Elders - Come Into Our House

şifre/pass : kuvvedenfiile

01 Winding Tree
02 Sleeping In A Dream
03 Picolina
04 One I Love
05 Attar
06 Voices From The Mountains
07 Standing On The Standing Stone
08 Lay Down Your Arms
09 Promises Unbroken

Members :
Nick Castro - vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar (electric), piano & prepared piano, lute (saz), oud, harmonium, whistle, percussion, bells, hammond organ, psaltery (ukelin), bouzouki, shaker, performer (music box), bass
B'eirth - vocals, whistle, harmonica
Wendy Watson - vocals, harmonium, bells, percussion (chimes)
Ryan Kirkpatrick - vocals, bass (contrabass, fuzz bass, elctric bass), gong
Martin Salisbury - trombone
Tom Wunder - mountain drum, moroccan tabla
Julia Cunningham - celtic harp
Vince Perez - harmonium
Brian Dyson - dumbek (goblet drum), tambourine (rik), frame drum
Chris Guttmacher - nyabinghi drum, kalimba (mbira), court drum
John Contereas - cello

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thanks a lot my friend, had a hard time to find this record and i just love it!!!