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13 Şubat 2011 Pazar

Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra - If I Had A Hi-Fi

şifre/pass : kuvvedenfiile
01 E Ma Ri Khrod
02 Kingdom Of Not
03 Fun Der Khuppe
04 Hear No Evil
05 Russian Farewell March
06 Sakura
07 Aurora En Pekin
08 Aqool Le Tflaty
09 The Swan
10 The Scarab Of Culloden
11 Yoyasa
12 Gnossienne In Asia Minor
 13 Fun Der Khuppe Dub Mix
14 Aurora en Pekin (trio)
15 Russian Farewell (open air mix)
16 If I Had A Hi Fi

3 yorum:

gypsykat dedi ki...

Wonderful! More, please!

airwalk dedi ki...

amazing mysterious band! Do you know more about. There is too little information on the net...

Adsız dedi ki...

Hello Gypsykat,

I have two albums. sound value of the 128 & 192. but it is not very good. I would upload it for you.


Hello Airwalk,

yes I agree with you. amazing mysterious band! :)
I'm sorry, but do not have much information about the band.
All I know is on the address;

I'm searching. I will give you information.
How can I reach you?