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20 Mart 2011 Pazar

Möondo - Trampa

şifre/pass : kuvvedenfiile

01 Tact' In' Tro
02 Nieve & Fuego
03 1 Taal Guajira
04 Cocoon
05 Trampa
06 Elixir Davida
07 Solo Contra
08 Sheilala
09 Laico
10 Xançoneta
11 Niditfunk

Members :
Dani Ibáñez - baglama, ud, guitar, sitar, vocals and electronic effects
Jordi Parés - keyboards, harmonium, bansuri, xeremies, didjeridoo and vocals
Manel Vega - bass and double bass
Aniol Casadevall - tablas, congas and other percussion
Àngel Abad - drums
Jordi Vidal - DJ

Guests :
Sílvia Pérez: vocals
Tactequeté: percussion

2 yorum:

Albardán dedi ki...

You surprise me every time. This songs are even here not well known, ... and are good. Tks for posting them!

KuvvedenFiile dedi ki...

you're welcome Albardan.
Thank you for your comment. welcome